Photos with gravity

This week I shared a photo with family and friends that has more meaning than I intended it to have.

I’d recently bought myself a new 85mm lens, and of course I wanted to play with it. I‘d taken it to a family event, my grandad’s birthday. I didn’t take more than a dozen shots because when I got it I knew what I was looking at.

I saw the photograph on the back of the camera and it dawned on me what it would be used for. He was looking back at me with his natural smile, filling the frame.

It was bittersweet for me.

This week the photo was used at his funeral service. So many people were happy to see him smiling into their eyes again as he had so often done with them. I’m glad I could share that moment with people who needed to see it at the right time.


Alan Gray Sr 1930 - 2019