I’ve always had an interest in the intersection of where art meets technology and this has pushed me towards photography as a medium. I enjoy capturing moments and preserving events for posterity. I’ve shot everything I have had a chance to and strive to create work that people will look back on for years to come.

For weddings, I tend to shoot mostly in a documentary style with complimenting set-up shots added, where appropriate. I try and blend into a room and let you enjoy your day as you have intended. I shoot with my fiancée Helen mirroring me as often as possible because we make a great team. We bolster each other and work tirelessly to make everything go as smoothly as possible on the day so we can make something your family will cherish.

For personal projects I like to challenge myself to try new styles, to play with fun and interesting equipment and to make friends. It’s always good to meet people who are passionate about what they do and I feel that I feed off of that energy.

I take on a wide variety of work, from weddings and portraiture to events, headshots and gigs, even teaching photography and related topics from time to time. More info can be found on my services page.